Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Perspectin' Paris

Palais Royal Hallwalk

Abbesses Hills

La Poste

Passage Vero Dodat

I was once told by someone that I like playing with perspectives... annnd I guess they were right.  Paris is such a fun place to try this and I have had the best time snapping away in the most random places. As you can see, one of these shots was just me walking along a hallwalk (if that's even a word) at Palais Royal. It shots like these that I find most appealing to the eye and makes ANY setting look interesting!  More soon!



  1. Hey Tam!
    I always love your pics! I get to experience a little taste of Paris through you!

    1. Thanks Toya! I will keep it updated on a regular basis so you can come back and see more! :)