Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Soldes are Here!!!

Hartford - Rue d'Aboukir

 The soldes (sales) are here and this has to be one of my favorite times in Paris!  They only happen twice a year (january and July) and last for about three weeks with discounts up to 70% off (which you can't beat in Paris).  Unfortunately last year I was too slow and waited to the end to buy stuff, but this year I have learned my lesson and I am on it!  So far I've been able to pick up a couple of things around Etienne Marcel and Place de Victoire without the crowds being too bad, but I'm already preparing myself for the weekend when everybody and their mother take to the streets! If you're in Paris you should definitely check them out!  Happy shopping!

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  1. Tamara,
    How nice to hear from you on my blog today. You say you work near the PR and it is my favorite place in Paris I think! I will be there Jan. 22-31, so maybe we will run into each other. I think the SOLDES will be over when we get there this year, although one summer, my luggage was "misplaced" and I was lucky enough to find some bargains to get me by!