Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Down Locked Love

Why not lock your love down with a padlock on Pont des Arts or on Pont de l'Archeveche and then throw away the key in the Seine?  Well this is what hundreds of people have done during their time in Paris as a symbol of undying love.  I've seen these locks only a few times in passing, but today it was really quite amazing to get a close up of them and read what others had engraved and written on them.  Some of the locks were really shiny with fresh writing while others were rusted and barely recognizable.  If I ever get a moment I want to put one up in an area where I might be able to find it 10 years from now!

If you want to try this, the locks can be found BHV.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

American Frunch

One of the biggest things I miss about the states is having brunch on the weekends.  Coming from DC where the brunch culture is huge, I was very sad to find out that brunch in Paris is not so common or can be REALLY expensive.  So after a lot of talking and reminiscing over old brunch stories in DC, my friends and I decided to have our own Sunday brunch with all of the American essentials... eggs, bacon, potatoes, mimosas and of course we had to include something little French with un gateau de Savoie for dessert (courtesy of Mathieu)!  Brunch on Sundays have become a regular thing among my friends and I, and its just another way of making me feel right at home!

In case you are wondering, I get asked a lot about where you can find REAL strips bacon in Paris, and the trick is to look for poitrine fumée (which literally means smoked chest) because it wont actually be called bacon or say bacon on the package.  Also, you can find it at this grocery store!

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A (Male) Carafe of Water, Please?

Quick Post:  So what happens when you butcher the French language and ask a waiter for a carafe of water using the wrong gender?  ... It comes back looking like this!  For those of you that don't know (like myself), a carafe is actually used as a feminine noun not masculine - which is why our waiter thought it would be funny to draw a male symbol and stick it to the bottle!  I guess the joke was pretty funny at that time, but lesson learned here, when asking for a carafe of water in French you say une carafe d'eau NOT un carafe d'eau.  Yes, simple mistake, but gender changes everything!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Can I Take your Picture?

So Paris fashion week ended a couple days ago but I was lucky enough to get my feet wet with a little fashion photography before the closing.  A friend of mine over at Clan Eclectic had asked me if I'd be willing to contribute to her website with some street fashion photos, and of course I couldnt say no or miss out on an opportunity to be at the center of an event like fashion week with other photographers, bloggers and newbie's (like myself)!  I love photography, but by no means am I a fashion photographer or fashion blogger, but I thought it would still be fun to share some of my favorite photos that I peeped at the Vienne Westwood show at Palais de Tokyo!  From my observations, one thing one thing still remains clear... Just do you!

Click here to check out the slideshow on Clan Eclectic!