Sunday, March 17, 2013

American Frunch

One of the biggest things I miss about the states is having brunch on the weekends.  Coming from DC where the brunch culture is huge, I was very sad to find out that brunch in Paris is not so common or can be REALLY expensive.  So after a lot of talking and reminiscing over old brunch stories in DC, my friends and I decided to have our own Sunday brunch with all of the American essentials... eggs, bacon, potatoes, mimosas and of course we had to include something little French with un gateau de Savoie for dessert (courtesy of Mathieu)!  Brunch on Sundays have become a regular thing among my friends and I, and its just another way of making me feel right at home!

In case you are wondering, I get asked a lot about where you can find REAL strips bacon in Paris, and the trick is to look for poitrine fumée (which literally means smoked chest) because it wont actually be called bacon or say bacon on the package.  Also, you can find it at this grocery store!

Happy Sunday!

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  1. This "Frunch" looks awesome!I could really get into those potatoes.